Advantages of a STRIDER Bike

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The Strider™ teaches your child Balance, Cordination and Develops Glittering Confidence other products don’t. The STRIDER™ ST-4 No-Pedal Bike are designed for toddlers from 18 Months (often younger) to children of 5 Years old (27Kg's) and Super STRIDER 16" for children from 6-10 years old (54 Kg's). The patented STRIDER Balance Bike holds several advantages over ordinary beginners and first kids bikes. 

The Strider will give your child a head start by developing essential motor skills early in life. Pediatricians agree that learning balance and coordination with exersize jump starts a child's growth and development.

STRIDER ST-4 Advantages 

  • Custom STRIDER™ Grips, Toddler Sized to fit smaller hands. Extra Strong and soft with padded crash proof ends.
  • Quick Clamp lever system for easy handlebar height adjustment to fit your growing child.
  • Custom STRIDER™ Ultralight durable EVA Polymer tires that never nned air and always ready to ride!
  • Custom toddler sized STRIDER™ Saddle with quick clamp lever for easy adjustment.
  • Made with a strong welded steel frame and unique integrated Launchpad™ Footrests.

 Even tiny little children, before the age of two, are drawn to the STRIDER™

At first

  • Kids will grab the handlebars
  • Straddle the bike and walk without ever sitting down on the seat
  • Completely stable: two-wheels and two feet firmly on the ground, two-hands firmly bracing the handlebars.
  • Very quickly, kids learn to sit down, push with their feet and zip right along as they balance on two wheels
  • Plastic push toys, scooters, tricycles and training wheels can’t do this and further retard balance and coordination.

With a STRIDER, your child will become significantly more mobile, able to explore a whole new world under their own power, and on two-wheels! Take your child’s STRIDER™ to an outdoor gathering, a nearby park, or anywhere else you walk. No more dawdling. No more in and out of the stroller. Not only will your child easily be able to keep pace, she or he might actually end up leading the way! And you’ll enjoy an invigorating walk without a stroller!