Andrew's STRIDER Bike Adventures

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Andrew's experience using a STRIDER Bike

We got a STRIDER Bike for Andrew for his 2nd b'day as a present from Grandma and Grandpa who live Poland.

At first, Andrew was not interested and it took him a good 2 months to start enjoying his little bike. He was also not so keen on wearing a helmet at first. I printed some photos from your website of children riding their bikes and wearing helmets and I showed them to Andrew. Since then he has changed completely!

He loves his bike and everyday gets more and more comfortable and brave at riding it. He rides it inside the house 1st thing in the morning after he wakes up. In the afternoon we go for a walk and he rides up and down the hill without any problem. He knows very well how and when to break and slow down and how and when to speed up. Occasionally he fall's, he doesn't make any fuss, just carries on! Such a brave little boy.

He always wears his helmet now. I'm attaching few photos of his bike adventures.

Looking forward to seeing u on Sunday!

Best regards! 

Marysia (STRIDER Bike Mom)

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