Strider Adventure Zone Recommendation

Written by Chris Van Der Merwe on . Posted in Testimonials

Strider Adventure Zone Recommenation

This is the first time we approached something like the Strider Adventure Zone. We were first very hesitant based on lack of exposure and experiences, but continued to witness what was going on and due to my son (5 years old) persistence we decided to give it a try.

I must say that the presenters were very welcoming and helpful. Although my son was not able to control himself on the bike initially, the instructors were very supportive in allowing my son to practice with their assistance. But the first day he did not go on the track due to my son's fear.

We returned on the second day and after some few practices and assistance from the instructor, my son went on the track. After a few rounds on the track my son got used to it and felt very comfortable - which made my family and myself very happy.

This is what we would really like for our son growing up to be able to learn and experience most of the sports available to him. We can also see the joy and excitement this riding brings him - so much so we had to come back on the third day.

We are really glad to be able to take this step. After all, my son has learnt a new sport and also gained confidence in riding a bike because of the STRIDER Bike.

I would recommend this sport to any kids. A big thanks and recommendation to the presenters and instructors.

Thank you

Cuffey Appadu – Stanger