Kids Like to Bike with the Super 16" STRIDER SS-1

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The Super 16" STRIDER Bike has proven to be a Bike that kids love to use to play with and enhance their bike skill. Most children who could not yet ride on their first attempt have gained the necessary confidence and balance in order to do so.


The SUPER 16" STRIDER Bike will aid with enhanced skill building and is a great warm up and basic trick bike for any environment.

Super sTRIDER Rider   

The SUPER STRIDER 16" No-Pedal Balance Bike is the ultimate bike for those young riders who are ready to venture off trail or perform tricks and stunts that a heavier, more complicated pedal bike won’t allow them to do. This same, simple, lightweight, no-pedal design also makes it the perfect starter bike for older kids who don’t yet know how to ride on two wheels as well as well suited to some children with disabilities that are not able to use pedals.

The bike includes patented frame-integrated footrests for advanced rider development, and the handlebar and saddle height are adjustable for growing children.

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