Strider Racing at Alrode BMX Track 8th Feb 2015

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Strider Racing at Alrode BMX Track 8th Feb 2015

What a HOT Day Sunday the 8th Feb was. Hot Weather and Hot Racing by the kids. It was great to meet a number of new parents who turned up for the first time to find out what the excitement was about. As always, they were very skeptical of either their child's ability or the environment where they would spend most of the day.

Ryder Couper and Tyrel Smith were certainly the stars in the Two year old Class. Tyrel showing off with his mad pumping skills, and Ryder for the first time racing to win. Callum tried his best showing much improvement since his first race just two weeks prior after only having his bike since Christmas.

The Three Year old Class showed great promise with the field having to be divided into two groups. Luke showed some awesome style standing and lifting one foot off his bike whilst doing so, winning a STRIDER Freestyle Launchpad™.

The Four and over class was a tough one with Jarred, Astrid and James Striding away with new Rider Troy. With the promise of a Chocolate Milkshake, Astrid gave one race a good go and then retired, suggesting she needed some rest.

As always, it was a great deal of fun and we look forward to joining the Gauteng Strider Riders in the next two weeks.

Till then

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Thank you Daryn Varney for taking and supplying some awesome photo's.