Strider Racing @ Gauteng BMX Leg 9 & 10

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Strider Racing - Gauteng BMX Leg 9&10

Strider Racing for Sunday took place at the 9th and 10th leg of the Gauteng BMX Provincial Series. The racing format being changed slightly brought about a lot of racing in a short space of time. The field of Strider Riders split between 3 and under, and 4-5 years old.

The day was used as a good guideline for what will be taking place at the up and coming BMX Grand National and SA Championships on the 21st and 22nd September. With the great summer weather upon us and quick succession of Strider Races ensured the Riders remained warm and exited through out the day, not having to wait too long before their next race.

Justin, Brandon, Cameron and Ethan battled it out in the four and five year old STRIDER Bike Class with Brandon (4) having to race really hard against Justin (5) right up to the line most races managing to maintain an average winning position during the course of the day.

Roahce, Nathan, Tyler, Sinjin, Astrid, Gizelle, Adam and Cleo raced the three and under class. While a few of the little guys and girl was not on best form for the day, Nathan and Sinjin highlighted their races Striding ahead of the rest of the pack.

Clementine only 19 months and her second visit to the track did a great job. Soon she will be ripping up the dirt. #strideon Cleo .

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