Strider Racing @ Alrode BMX Points 3

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Alrode BMX STRIDER Racing

STRIDER Racing this weekend at Alrode BMX Track Club Points 3 produced some exiting racing for the little guys and girls who joined in on the fun. The Five year old boys were again the strongest competitors over the uneven terrain of the track, with some of the younger riders hot on their heels.

Deagan Mc Callum (5) and Matthew Sheen (5) dominated the day over their younger competitors Striding home to victory down the last two straights of the Alrode BMX Track. Followed closely were returning STRIDER Riders Casey Lloyd (3) who was recently kitted out and ready to follow in the great MX riders footsteps.

Storm Cloete (4) and Astrid Van Der Merwe (3) battled it out for third and fourth position most of the day, while the other little riders familiarized themselves with the track and enjoyed some fun competitive racing during the warm winter race day. Tamica only two and a half and Logan Lloyd one and a half, showed some great spirit and determination down the ryhtm section of the track, will soon be striding as fast as their older the older riders as soon as their legs get a little longer.

Joining in the fun were James Marshall (3) and Eryn Crawford-Watt (5) on a Super STRIDER™ 16" No Pedal balance bike, getting in some practice and is ready to Race BMX soon.

Find out more about the ST-4 STRIDER™ No Pedal Bike or pop into Full Throttle Edenvale to pick yours up ready for our next STRIDER Racing event.

Untill then #strideon

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