Strider Racing @ Gauteng BMX - Kempton Park

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Kempton Park BMX STRIDER Racing

The five year old boys Racing Strider Bikes were the strongest competition for the day. Storm Cloete worked hard to keep up while Astrid experienced a relaxing day on the track.  Cameron David showing the more experienced riders how to start. — with Storm Cloete, Astrid Van Der Merwe, Brandon

Lemmer, Cameron David and Daniel Van Der Merwe.

Brandon Lemmer nearly loosing his shoe around the berm while Cameron David ran past. Brandon managed to put in some Super Strides to regain the lead and win.

Storm Cloete (4) teaching the five year old boys how to Race a STRIDER. Brandon Lemmer (5)  hot on the "Storm's" heels #determinedtowin.

Astrid Van der Merwe (3) had a very relaxed day riding along in her three motos. She did however in her final manage to put her best foot forward Striding on in the lead until half way when the five year old boys put in some very big Strides' snatching the 1st and 2nd places..

Leah Hardy - 20 Months old, the cutest STRIDER Rider of the day, visited us in the Adventure Zone at the Gauteng BMX Clubs provicial challenge and even attempted half of the last straight of the Kemptonpark Bmx track with determination.

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