Can your child ride a STRIDER?

Written by X-StreamBalance on . Posted in Strider Education

If your child can walk, your child can be a STRIDER RIDER! When your Child Can Walk unassisted then your child has enough strength and co-ordination to start playing with their STRIDER No Pedal Balance Bike. The Strider ST-3 or ST-4 No-Pedal Balance bike is suited to toddlers from 18 months to children of 5 years old.

When they first get the bike, depending on their age, they pick it up, and walk with it. When they are a little more confident to do anything else, they will begin pushing it around while seated.

It is very important for you not to pressurize your child or toddler into doing anything they are not comfortable with, and let them develop at their own pace. The Strider is not like any of the other plastic toy bikes, tricycles or scooters which have wide wheels and assist them with balance. 

Before you know it, your child and their STRIDER BIKE will be inseparable. For more information on Learning to RIDE a STRIDER Balance Bike please see Learning to ride a STRIDER in 3 easy steps

If your child is older than five years of age, or taller than the average child. Have a look at the SS-1 Super STRIDER 16" No-Pedal Balance Bike which is suited to children up to ten years old. Now any child can learn balance co-ordination and get the confidence they need.