STRIDER Adventure Zone @ Parkhurst Village Fair

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STRIDER Adventure Zone @ Parkhurst Village Fair

We had an awesome day with the kids from the Parkhurst community for the Parkhurst Village Fair held at the Parkhurst Primary school. With temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius seemed to speed the kids up, while the parents took a few minutes to slow down and relax.

It is always interesting meeting kids from different communities and ages with varying abilities. While there were a few kids who had been introduced to the balance bikes already those who had not, took up the challenge with great ambition.

The excitement of the STRIDER Adventure Zone allowed parents to rest their feet, standing by and watching as their youngsters who they were not aware could ride a bike on only two wheels, kept going relentlessly, faster and with more confidence on each turn, as if they had been riding since birth.

While a few children did not have the full confidence in their abilities standing down the start hill and big bumps the two rules of the Adventure Zone prevailed in teaching them just how to tackle the course.

Keep your bum on the seat and when you go down the bumps, lift your feet!

Parents had to ask very nicely that their kids join them in support of the other activities offered by the fair after which it did not take very long for them to regroup back at the Adventure Zone for a couple more rounds over the awesome obstacles with the STRIDER Balance Bikes.

A few races "there and back" were run for individual ages groups with kids from as young as two years old in order to introduce them to the fun to be had of riding with friends. While the emphasis is always placed on the fun, racing in a group entails, it is amazing to see these little guys and girls even at such a young age competing within their own abilities, trying to go fast.

Kids love being rewarded for their efforts regardless of the outcome. Each participant was awarded with STRIDER buttons and medals making them feel extra special.

Thank you to the Parkurst Village for having us at your awesome event which was a great success. We hope to see and meet all the kids at our future events, including STRIDER Racing of which we are certain we will.

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