Kyle Dodd - Team “KD216” a signature series to give back to BMX Racing

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Team “KD216” a signature series to give back


South African BMX Elite National Champion

Kyle Dodd launches his own signature series team “KD216”.

My focus as a full time BMX rider is to give back to the youth of South Africa.  The team comprising of only young riders, 1 girl and 4 boys was an easy choice, it wasn’t about being the best in the sport, it was about dedication and commitment and most importantly having fun. Team KD216 is all about dinky dude’s having a blast around the track, it’s just like the other day that I was 3 ½ years old and would never have dreamt of being a full time BMXer.  Team KD216 is all about that, giving young guns inspiration to become better in their lives, be it in BMX or any other field they choose to follow in future.

Big thanks to Steve Brookstein (Titanium Design) for the awesome signature series.

Front: Salvaldor Cronje (6 yrs old) Middle:  Evan Fouche (9 yrs old), Braden Schutte (7 yrs old), Kaylin Smith (10 yrs G), Reece Russell (8 yrs old) Back: Team Manager (Kyle Dodd), Dylan Eggar (U16)

Team KD216 signature edition team a