Gauteng BMX Festival 2014 with R30-000 Prize Money (CANCELLED)

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Gauteng BMX Festival 2014 with R30-000 Prize Money

CANCELLED! The Gauteng BMX Festival will take place from the 28th November (Friday Night) - Starting with a Critical Mass Ride in Jozi , 29th November (Saturday) - Germiston and Kempton Park BMX Clubs, 30th November (Sunday) finals at Alrode BMX Club. The festival is open to all participants.

Mass Ride Segment - Friday 28th November 2014

Early Evening - The Critical Mass Ride is a mass ride by cyclists of all ages and all kinds of bicycles through the streets of Jozi in the evening. Usually music on some of the bikes and a very festive and safe atmosphere!– This Critical Mass ride has taken place many, many times and is well established. A number of the BMX Community have taken part in this, on BMX bikes and other and had a great time. Even young Salvador Cronje has done this ride. Participation in this to show of our BMX bikes and perhaps to hand out flyers to the other few hundred cyclists on route.. This does not form part of the racing, but is a real fun way of kicking of the weekend.. we expect a number of the Old School BMXers to ride the Mass on some pristine and awesome examples of 80’s BMX bikes...

Be sure to be dressed in some form of BMX Kit that people can identify you if you Love BMX Racing.

Traditionally the Critical Mass movement is about an unofficial, unsanctioned rally on all forms of self-propelled wheeled transport that brings into focus things like safety, car-free social time on city streets and re-using the inner city's facilities for social interaction. Founded in 2007 by James Happe, Loic Bellet and a few others Critical Mass Joburg was formed to bring more people back into the city of Johannesburg. We now also focus on raising awareness about the viability of bicycles as a form of transport in and around Joburg and are actively involved in lobbying for an infrastructure that will support this movement. Usually a halfway stop for drinks and snacks. Everyone participating should save an emergency number on their cellphone under ICE (in case of emergency.

Critical Mass Ethos:  Critical Mass is NOT a race.

The CM movement aims to raise awareness about the viability of bicycles as a form of transport; the cyclist's right to share public space safely and the need for cycling infrastructure. Critical Mass Joburg aims to bring more people back into the city. CM is about having fun, in a group, on wheels. CM makes an impact because it is a group. The group moves slowly and must not be separated. When the mass moves through a traffic light, the mass must stay together, even when the light changes, or it is dangerous. If cars get caught in the mass, allow them space to exit to the right. Always try to keep a lane open to the right of the mass for cars to pass safely by

For CM to be safe and fun, we need to abide by some consensual rules:

  1. Be Safe - Be aware of those around you and maintain the cohesion of the group. Ride with friends who can help with bike repair, and stop and help anyone who needs it. Let the ride leaders (at the front of the mass) know if there is a problem that needs the mass to wait.
  2. Be Responsible - Make sure your bike works and that you have spares. Stick with the group. Help each other - assist your fellow riders who need support. Don't leave your bike unattended, and don't fall behind.
  3. Be Cool - Have fun. Connect with the people around you. EVERYBODY is welcome to join the Mass.

The Critical Mass Jozi website is here:

Answers to FAQs:

  • There is parking on the street at the start, or in a public lot on Juta 1 block from the start, for R20,00.
  • The route changes, but is around 20kms and as easy as a Jozi route can be.
  • The ride is free.
  • All you need is you and your bicycle - please make sure your bicycle works and that you have basic spares.
  • Any questions about the route, and where we ride, please see the website.
  • We may have volunteers.
  • If you want to rent a bike, call Busi 0798174674. do it early!

The Amazing Race Segment

  • Saturday 29th November - Morning - Germiston BMX Track
    • 1st Leg of 3 Legs Racing – First set of Motos for the weekend.
    • The Old School BMX Reunion - Display and Competition Segment
      • Most of the Day –  The hoarders and restorers among the community will hold the annual Old School BMX reunion while we race Germiston. There are an awesome amount of lovingly restored and very rare 80’s BMX Race bikes and others that will be there.. A couple of genuine ET bikes will be there for you to get misty eyed about.
  • Saturday 29th November – Evening – Kempton Park BMX Club
    • Second set of 3 Motos for the weekend. (Night racing)
  • Sunday 30th of Nov. – Morning – Alrode BMX Club
    • 3rd Leg of 3 Legs Racing – Third set of 3 motos for the weekend.
    • Show and Shine Segment
      • This will be an opportunity to enter your RACE BIKE into a show and shine completion… Various prizes on offer..

Format for Racing

  1. Challenge Classes - Age classes on offer – From 5 and Under to 16 and a Combined Cruiser Class.
  2. Pro Am Class – This open to all the 17 and Over and Elite Riders. Younger ages (16 yr. olds, 15 yr. olds, 14 yr. olds, etc) may enter, but with a caveat of risk vs ability. The organisers reserve the right to deny a younger rider entry to this class.
  3. Challenge/Cruiser riders will ride at least 9 motos/races – 3 at each Leg/Club over the weekend. – All points from these Legs/motos will count towards the standing.
  4. If an age class is combined, depending on relative numbers, the ages will be split for prize money after all the motos.
  5. The Pro Am Class will race AT LEAST 7 motos and depending on numbers, a quarter, semi and final. ONLY THE FINAL will count for standing and Prize Money for the PRO AM. (3 Germiston, 3 Kempton, 1 Alrode = 7 motos)
  6. Entry will be via Eventbrite ONLY and entries AND payments will close on the 25th of November 2014
  7. Entry is for all 3 Legs and there will be no partial entries and partial payments.
  8. Neither Gauteng BMX or the 3 Clubs will take any amount of the entry fee – All entries go towards prize money.

Entry Fees and Prize Money

Challenge Class is for each Age Class ( 5 to 16). If entries exceed the cost base of the Prize money, the organizers may increase the prize money. 

1 x Pro AM
R250 Entry

1 x All Cruiser
R200 Entry


12 x Challenge
R150 Entry


Prize Money Position Prize Money Position Prize Money
1 R 5,000   1 R 500 1 R 250
2 R 3,000   2 R 400 2 R 200
3 R 2,000   3 R 350 3 R 175
4 R 1,500   4 R 300 4 R 150
5 R 1,250   5 R 250 5 R 125
6 R 1,000   6 R 200 6 R 100
7 R 750   7 R 150  7 R 75
8 R 500   8 R 100 8 R 50
Gauteng BMX Clubs Map

For further details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sue Turck  



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