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Warren Fouche SA BMX Racing Rider Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Warren Fouche
  • Nick Name: Wazza

  • Date of Birth: 23 September 1977

  • Height (cm): 178

  • Home Town: Boksburg

  • Profession: Tool and Die Maker

Racing Details

  • Race or Career no: 777
  • Province: Gauteng

  • Club: Alrode BMX Club

  • Team: Team Alrode

  • Years Riding: 

  • Racing Class: 17 & Over, 30-39 Cruiser

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  • Favorite Food: Steak
  • Favorite Drink: Heineken
  • Favorite Song / Artists: Hard Rock to Hip Hop....it's all good
  • Inspiration: My son EV-Man
  • Goals in BMX: To keep progressing and improving as a rider.

Sponsors: My wife Angie

What I least like about BMX Racing: There is little support from affiliations leading to slow growth in the sport...

Regularly visited websites: You Tube, Bmx Videos, Pink Bike

Why I enjoy Racing BMX: The Speed...and at my age every time I get on the track its a challenge...

How I got started Racing BMX: Being a keen cyclist I always like the sport of BMX, so when Evan came into our lives I said one day he will try it out....I couldnt stand on the sides as a spectator so had to get racing myself...

What do you do when you are not riding: I enjoy Running and Dirt Jumping on my 4X bike

Suggestions for anyone starting Racing BMX: Take it easy, there is lots to learn, respect your bike because it will throw you off given the chance...


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Bike Setup

 Frame:  Super Cross Bolt Chromoly
 Forks:   Super Cross Chromoly
 Headset:   Speed Line
 Headset Spacers:  Home Made
 Handle Bars:  S&M
 Grips  Steave Peat
 Brake Lever:  DXR
 Brake Cable:  Shimano
 Rear Brake:  DXR
 Seatpost Clamp:  Built in
 Cranks:   DXR
 Chainring:  Shimano
 Bottom Bracket:  Shimano
 Pedals:  Shimano
 Rimm's:  Alienation
 Hubs:  Profile
 Tires:  Maxxis DTH
 Tubes:  Kenda
 Chain Tentioner:  Profile


Warren and Son EV-Man


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