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Wayne Beadsworth SA BMX Racing Rider Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Wayne Beadsworth
  • Nick Name: Miaggi

  • Date of Birth: 19 April 1975

  • Height (cm): 186

  • Home Town: Hillcrest

  • Profession: Dealer Principal 

Racing Details

  • Race or Career no: 257
  • Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • Club: Lahee Park BMX Club

  • Team: Team Mascor

  • Years Riding:  4 years back

  • Racing Class: 30-39 Mens Cruiser

More about "Miaggi" (Wayne)


  • Favorite Food: Langoustines
  • Favorite Drink: Water
  • Favorite Music: 80's Music 
  • Favorite Super Hero: Spider Man


  • Gauteng Champion
  • Gauteng Colours
  • Natal Colours
  • Selection for the South African BMX Racing Team to Holland
  • Becoming a Dad
  • Success within the Motor retail business
  • 2013 UCI BMX World Championships, New Zealand - 5th in Semi-Final
  • 2011 UCI BMX World Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark - 8th in Semi-Final with an injured shoulder.
  • 2010 UCI BMX World Championships, PMB, SA - 5th in Semi-Final
  • 3rd in the KZN Supa Class Championships….Racing with the youngsters

Favorite BMX Tracks:

  • Giba Gorge - It has a big start hill, big jumps and is very technical
  • Alrode - Smooth track, great rhythm section
  • Lahee Park - Technical and a good learning track for kids 

Most memorable race: Copenhagen World Championships in 2011 found me riding with a torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon. I was strapped to the limit.

What I least like about BMX Racing: There is nothing to dislike, It is awesome!

Regularly visited websites: ToyotaAuto TraderGT Bicyclesbmx-videos

Why I enjoy Racing BMX: I Love the adrenalin rush and the challenge of racing a new track whenever possible. Worlds brings on a different level of riding and testing your ability. Racing with the youngsters in South Africa that are half my age, making friends all over the world and sharing the excitement of pedaling a bicycle and jumping those BIG jumps!

How I got started Racing BMX: I had a bad crash racing mototrbikes, Gareth said “come race BMX” my first race was the South African Championships at Bryanston in 2009.

What do you do when you are not riding: Spend as much time with my family as I can and train hard.

Suggestions for anyone starting Racing BMX: Ride because you enjoy it, race because you want to test yourself but remember……..always smile! The older riders are always available to help and give advise. Most importantly ride with other riders. We all here for one reason….. the KICK of being on a BMX


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Bike Setup


 Frame:  GT Speed Series Stay Strong
 Forks:   BOX Carbon
 Headset:   Speedline
 Stem:  GT
 Headset Spacers:  GT
 Handle Bars:  S&M
 Grips  ODI
 Brake Lever:  Shimano DXR
 Brake Cable:  Fibers
 Rear Brake:  Gold Speedline
 Saddle:  GT
 Seatpost Clamp:  Built in seat clamp with quick release
 Cranks:   Shimano DXR 180
 Chainring:  Eleven
 Bottom Bracket:  Eleven
 Chain:  Shimano STD
 Pedals:  Simano Clipless Pedals
 Rimm's:  Alex
 Hubs:  Rear: Stealth / Front: Profile 20mm
 Tires:  Tioga
 Chain Tensioner:  GT Stock Chain Tensioner

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