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Tyrone Johns

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Tyrone Johns SA BMX Racing Rider Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Tyrone Allen Johns 
  • Nick Name: TJ

  • Date of Birth: 26 My 1981 

  • Height (cm): 175

  • Home Town: Durban

  • Profession: Development Officer at KZN Cycling

Racing Details

  • Race or Career no: 292 
  • Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal 

  • Club: Giba Cycling Club

  • Team: Team Giba Gorge  

  • Years Riding: 30 

  • Racing Class: (20") 30+ Men, (24") 30-34 Men's Cruiser

More about TJ


  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Drink: Monster Energy Drink
  • Favorite Song / Artists: Linkin Park
  • Favorite Magazine: FHM
  • Inspiration: Nelson Mandela



    • 2014 World 1 Masters 30+ 20"Rotterdam
    • 2014 World 2 Men 30+ 24" Cruiser Rotterdam
    • 2013 World 2 20” Men 30+ Auckland
    • 2013 World 2 Men Cruiser 30 to 34 Auckland
    • 2013 SA 1 25+ Mens 20”
    • 2013 SA 1 30 to 39 Mens Cruiser
    • 2012 World 2 2 20” Men 30+ Birmingham
    • 2012 SA 2 25+ Mens 20”
    • 2012 SA 1 30 to 39 Mens Cruiser
    • 2011 SA 2 25+ Mens 20”
    • 2010 World 8 20” 25 – 29 Men South Africa
    • 2010 World 6 25 – 29 Men Cruiser South Africa

International Events Attended: Over 10 World Championships

Favorite BMX Tracks: 

  • Giba Gorge Combination Track
    • I get to ride one of the best tracks in the world in the best settings with the best facilities I have ever been to in the world.
    • It is smooth and fast and there are just different combinations of lines to do so it is always interesting.
    • It is also on our doorstep so that helps a lot.
  • Okaheelee BMX Track, Florida, USA: 
    • it is just so smooth and fast and just flowed it was amazing to race on.

Most memorable race: Racing Elite at the 2008 World Championships in China, I rode very well and was in top condition and I loved the Track.

What I least like about BMX Racing: When Parents only want what is best for their kids and not the benefit of the sport, this is not just a SA problem it happens all over the world and is the thing I like least about BMX.

Regularly visited websites:  bmxmaniabmx-videosCycling SASuper Sportwkbmx

Why I enjoy Racing BMX: I have been racing for as long as I can remember it is all I have done and loved for 30 odd years I really enjoy lining up on the gate with kids younger than me hungrier than me and trying to push to the limits to see how far and long I can hold them off for. It is kind of weird but loosing in South Africa just means the younger riders I race against are getting faster and stronger and the training they are doing is paying off, which bodes well for the benefit of the sport in South Africa, I mainly Coach now and train and race on my build up to the World Championships and racing in my age group at the Worlds is always my highlight of the year. There are so many reasons why I enjoy racing bmx but none more than being a good role model, and someone kids of all ages can look up to and inspire to be like, whether it is on the track or off the track I try to be professional, fair and always behave in a manor I would be proud of. I love the friendships made and the tears of joy and sadness that comes with winning and losing, the long walks of silence when a goal is not achieved and the joyous celebration when goals are achieved this is why I race and that is why I love BMX so much.

How I got started Racing BMX: My parents bought me a BMX for Christmas and I went down to my local BMX Track, there was racing on that day and I asked my parents if I could stay and watch, I was hooked the next race meeting I was on the gate and have never stopped.

What do you do when you are not riding: I love to ride my mountain bike and race all my mountain bike mates on Strava to see who can hit the trails the fastest.

Suggestions for anyone starting Racing BMX: Just enjoy it, go out there have fun put a smile on your face and enjoy it. Don’t take it to serious cause there is more to life than winning and losing. BMX is a wonderful sport that is thrilling, exciting, heart breaking and breathtaking all at the same time, what you put in is what you get out, if you get bad call learn from it and come back stronger, always remember someone is watching and your behavior defines what people think of you so try be professional as often as you can give of your best and ride your heart out. 
Lastly just smile and enjoy it.



Bike Setup

Frame: GT Speed Series Pro XL
Forks:  GT Chromoly Fork
Headset: FSA Sealed Headset
Headset Spacers: Yes 3
Handle Bars: S&M Slam Bar's
Grips  ODI Lock on Grips White
Brake Lever: Shimano DXR
Brake Cable: Shimano
Rear Brake: Shimano DXR
Saddle: GT Seat
Seatpost Clamp: Built in seat clamp with quick release
Cranks:  FSA 175mm
Chainring: 44 Tooth
Bottom Bracket: FSA B30 BB
Chain: Shimano HG 9 Speed Chain
Pedals: Simano Clipless Pedals
Rimm's: Alienation
Hubs: Chris King 
Tires: Maxis DTH 1.75 front 1.5 rear
Tubes: Redline Extra Light Tubes
Chain Tensioner: GT Stock Chain Tensioner


TJ Mens 30+ Final 2014 Worlds Rotterdam


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