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Connor Terblanche SA BMX Racing Rider Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Connor Terblanche
  • Nick Name:  "MR T"

  • Date of Birth: 19 February 2002 

  • Height (cm): 170

  • Home Town: Kyalami, Johannesburg 

  • Profession: Student

Racing Details

  • Race or Career no: SA 1
  • Province: Gauteng 

  • Club: Kempton Park BMX Club

  • Team: Team Headstart  

  • Years Riding: 7

  • Racing Class: U12 Expert

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  • Favorite Food: Mom's Chicken A-La-King
  • Favorite Song / Artists: Pop Music
  • Inspiration: Mike Day
  • Goal In BMX: To race Elite one day!



  • World No.3 in 12 Under Cruiser Men (24”) UCI World Championships, Rotterdam, Denmark
  •  SA National BMX Champion
  • Grand National Champion
  • All Africa Champion
  •  SA National BMX Champion
  • Semi Finalist in 12 Boys Cruiser at the UCI BMX World Championships, Birmingham, England
  • All Africa BMX Champion. 
  • Federation Colours, rotea Colours
  •  9 Boys World #8- UCI BMX World Championships-Copenhagen, Denmark
  • SA National BMX Champion
  • Grand National Champion
  • 8-Boys World #8- UCI BMX World Championships, PMB, SA
  • Africa Challenge Champion, Harare-Zimbabwe.

 International Events Attended: 

  • 2014 - UCI World Championships, Rotterdam, Denmark
  • 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 - Harare, Zimbabwe 
  • 2013 - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 
  • 2013 - UCI BMX World Championships, Auckland, New Zealand 
  • 2012 - UCI BMX World Championships, Birmingham, England 
  • 2011 - UCI BMX World Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2010 - UCI BMX World Championships, PMB, SA

Favorite BMX Tracks:

  • Harare, Zimbabwe - It has a big hill and is a fast and technical world class track. 
  • Alrode - Fast, technical and well maintained. 
  • Copenhagen - First International track I raced on.
  • Perry Park - Birmingham, England- Awesome flowing track.

Most memorable race: Semi Finals at the World Championships in Copenhagen 2011

What I least like about BMX Racing: Offloading the car after a long day of racing.

Regularly visited websites: Yepi Games, Friv Games, Wikipedia and J&R Bicycles

Why I enjoy Racing BMX:  From a young age I enjoyed riding anything with wheels, my bicycle or my PW motorbike. I enjoy the nerves before a big race and the joy of good results! I do not like the disappointments though!

How I got started Racing BMX: My Uncle, Byron Robertson, invited me to try BMX shortly after I learned to ride my bicycle without “fairy wheels” We still often train together.

What do you do when you are not riding: Play Rugby and Motocross.

Suggestions for anyone starting Racing BMX: Wear your protective equipment and have as much fun as you can. BMX has allowed me to represent my country, travel and make great friends all around the world whilst I enjoy riding my bicycle!


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Bike Setup


 Frame:  Crupi Pro 
 Forks:   Sinz Pro Carbon 
 Headset:   Chris King 
 Stem:  Crupi 
 Headset Spacers:  Morphine Industries Carbon 
 Handle Bars:  Sinz Chromo 
 Grips  ODI 
 Brake Lever:  Paul 
 Brake Cable:  Odyssey 
 Rear Brake:  Paul 
 Seatpost Clamp:  Sinz 
 Cranks:   Crupi Rhythm 
 Chainring:  Crupi 
 Bottom Bracket:  Sinz Elite Pro 
 Chain:  Sinz Hollow Pin 
 Pedals:  Time 
 Rimm's:  Crupi Rhythm
 Hubs:  Crupi Rhythm
 Tires:  Maxis DTH
 Tubes:  Sinz Race Lite 
 Chain Tensioner:  Tangent 


 Connor World #3 Cruiser

Connor 4