How to get started Racing BMX?

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Get the basic Equipment

  • BMX Bike in good working order, preferably 20 Inch
  • Long Pants, Jeans with Knee pads are a good alternative to race pants
  • Long Shirt, with elbow pads
  • Gloves & Helmet are the bare minimum. 

Get Fit and Learn the basics

  • Being fit will allow you to improve progressively. All of your body muscle groups will be used and is therefor important you have a good overall fitness, with the primary focus being on your core and legs.
  • If you have not already done so, spend as much time on your bike as you can afford to, pedaling around your neighborhood, in the parks, on trails or on the track.
  • Learning the basic bike skills such as Braking, Wheeling, Pumping, Bunny Hopping, Manualling and Cornering.
  • Get comfortable and get your bike to work with you. If you are not relaxed, most of the time you will end up getting a little bit pear shaped.

Racing and Riding

  • Find some shaped dirt, dirt jumps or a BMX track closest to you, check when they are open or when and where the next event is taking place to find out more and meet the people.
  • Most club races comprise of open wheel classes so you can bring any BMX or MTB type bicycle to try it out.
  • Make sure you have registered in the time frame given for the day that your entry can get onto the moto-sheet and get you into the Gate.
  • Get there early enough to also get in a few practice laps before the gate drops for the first motos.

Membership and Affiliation

  • For most club or provincial racing you will not be required to join or affiliate, should you just want to play with the boys and girls for the day while you are still finding the pedals.
  • You will be scored on the day and will not continue to accumulate any Club, Provincial or National points.
  • Day rider fees are payable and possibly a day licence, unless registration has already closed prior to the event taking place.
  • Should you wish to join in the fun at a club, provincial or national level, you will be required to affiliate to a BMX Club as well as Cycling South Africa.
  • Due to the nature of the sport a minor will need a parent’s or guardian’s permission and signature.

Classifications of Riders

There are numerous classes and age groups that you may ride in which will be determined by the following.

  • Riding Age in that year
  • Gender
  • Proficiency (Novice / Expert)
  • Bike Category (20" / 24")