When can you start racing BMX?

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If you ever wanted to start BMX, you are never too young or too old or to start. Start Now!

You will never know or understand what it is about, until you try it!

The younger you are the easier you will adapt and your various muscles will be trained in the way they will be used.

Generally the older you are the more difficult you may find it. If you can overcome the physiological battle you may be faced with, you can do just about anything with your bike.

Racing BMX usually starts from the age of five, on miniature 20” BMX bicycles called mini’s and micro’s, however with our STRIDER Riders, they now start at two, ensuring they have a head start when getting onto their 20" machines and stacking up in the gate. Ready to race.

You can also be as old as the hills. Your body will generally tell you when it is time to sit back and relax.

Until then, clip in and enjoy the ride.