How much training is required?

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Like any sport or discipline, the more often you practice and train toward a goal, the closer you will get to achieving it!

BMX Racing is a muscle memory based sport which requires a great deal of fitness, strength, agility and bike skill. Confidence is instilled as a result of the riders aspirations, training and practice as well as the ability to attempt overcoming new challenges in order to complete the track in the most efficient manner possible. It is not to say that if someone is super fit and super strong that they will at first succeed.

Bike skill is a great factor in racing BMX well and consistently. The necessary bike skills can be obtained through learning how to manage the bike under various conditions and environments. Through regular riding, manualing (balancing on the back wheel only without pedaling) and bunny hopping grass roots skill can be developed and strengthened through free riding on the track, skate park, dirt jumps or on the street.

The more you practice, the better you get. The more time you spend on the bike, the better you get.

The great thing is anyone can do it, on whichever level they are comfortable with, the more often they practice, play and race the better they will get! Be it social or Die hard Main Stream BMX Racing. it is a fun activity for everyone with the nerve to give it a try.