BMX Basics - Pumping

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Pumping is the most fundamental skill you will use on a BMX Track, second to pedaling. For beginners and new riders, pumping should be the very first technique learnt on the BMX track and will ensure you are not launching off obstacles when you should be keeping the bike down. Pumping well will allow the rider a flowing, smooth progression through the track. 

When starting out, absorbing the roller by compressing into the bike will stop you from launching. (Sucking the bike up) This is the most effective method to keep your on your bike down and not be bucked off. Keeping the bike on the ground will also allow you to maintain your momentum by not bumping and bouncing around.

Timing is a crucial element of pumping. Once you have learnt to pump well, the technique will allow you to maintain your position as well as increase speed and momentum, especially when you are not able to pedal in specific sections on the track.


Pumping, especially at speed is not as easy as it may seem and will take a lot of practice in order to refine your technique. You will exert a great deal of energy at first, building new muscle groups. Start by taking it slow and steady, remember to relax focusing on technique, rather than speed! When your legs start to burn, or you get tired, take a break. It is better to do the exersize with 100% capability in order to remain in control, otherwise you may find yourself loosing control.

Always ensure your pedals are level when going over any obstacle on the track, this will ensure you are balanced, have full control and do not clip the jump with your pedal.

Basic Core and Plyometric exercises will allow you to improve your pumping and reaction time.