Giba Gorge BMX Club

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Giba Gorge BMX Club

The Giba Gorge BMX Club is located at the Giba Gorge Cycle Park situated off Stockville Road.

  • The Track is open 7 Days a week.
  • Riders - Entry to the Giba Gorge Cycle Park is R40 for a rider over the age of 12 and R15 for riders under 12yrs
  • Non Riders - Free from Monday to Thursday, and carry a fee of R10 from Friday through to Sunday, school holidays and public holiday
  • There are restaurants as well as ladies and gents ablution facilities
  • Gate start practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 17H30 and 19H30



Province: Kwazulu Natal

Giba Gorge Cycle Park

Ngweni Rd, 3610, Durban

Suburb: Westmead


Chairperson: Travis Goveia
Vice Chairperson: Tyrone Johns
Secretary: Joanne Harburn