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What is BMX Racing?

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For some, it’s in their Genes. For others, it develops later on as part of a new, exiting, adrenaline filled interest. Children of all ages and from all walks of life find themselves drawn toward BMX Racing.

BMX Racing is a Lifestyle - Style is optional.

BMX Racing is derivative of Motocross MX, commonly known as Bicycle Motocross using Pedal Power through a course of Shaped Dirt requiring Extreme Balance.

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BMX Racing is a single lap sprint requiring mad skills from a Start Gate over various obstacles commonly known as Table Top’s, Step-Up’s, Step-Down’s, Double’s, Triple’s and Rollers. Pumping, Manualing, Jumping and Diving in the berm’s becomes a part of your life style after gaining valuable experience. BMX is a Fun, Exhilirating, Adrenaline Pumping and healthy activity not only for the riders but their families and spectator’s as well. It is a family orientated sport from which long lasting friendships are born. The straits of a BMX track are usually alive with spectators cheering on their teams, riders and favorite athletes. 

The atmosphere is electrifying and exiting.The sport is a catalyst to all other Extreme Blanace Two Wheeled Pedal Power Sports including Motocross, Down Hill Mountain Biking, Trials riding as well as others.

BMX Racing is not the same as a casual or even a high paced Mountain bike ride, 4X, slalom or Downhill. BMX bikes do not have shocks or any form of suspension other than your legs and arms to soften your ride. A BMX Race is generally no longer than 45 Seconds, where some who are completely dialed into the track may complete a track within 30 seconds and less.

BMX Racing is Poetry in motion!


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