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The Children of today are our stars and hopes for tomorrow. Helping them to grow with confidence, teaching them Balance and Co-ordination offers enhanced growth and development ensuring a confident head start to a healthy and active lifestyle. 


To introduce children to riding a bike through fun, social interaction. By introduction to BMX Racing and other extreme balance two wheeled sport opportunities and experiences are made available which allow growth and progression of individuals and sports. Through grass roots development, increased competitiveness ensures professional and capable athletes in the international arena in the years to come.


X-Stream Balance was founded by Chris Van Der Merwe through his Love and Passion for BMX Racing in 2012 in order to reintroduce it to South African communities from grass roots level. BMX Racing in South Africa had seen a great decline in participation over past years, with this decline affecting the competitiveness of the athletes competing locally and internationally.

Astrid Strider RiderThe STRIDER Bikes™ were sought out after looking for a premium product for my daughter Astrid, who was one at the time. Since she was so small, she was banging her ancles on the wheels of the plastic scooter she was using. The bike I was looking for had to stand the test of time and be able to be passed onto others when done with. The product had to offer an enhanced bike riding experience with easy progression to a pedal bike as well as needed to be backed up with the appropriate maintenance and serviceability in order to allow for a great customer experience.

Chris Van Der MerweWhen I came across STRIDER Sports international and saw just how much passion was put into a campaign of introducing children from a very young age to riding a bike. I decided this would be the best platform to introduce to South Africa in order to allow children, often left out, to enjoy and grow through fun and exiting interaction.

"I love interacting with the little guys, knowing just how much they enjoy playing and and learn to love STRIDER Racing®. It is great to see the STRIDER Riders return regularly, showing what they have learned and display how they have grown at each event, especially having spent a great deal of time with many of the little riders, from when they started. Receiving news, progress and feedback on the youngsters is always great.

Astrid Riding a edal Bike for the first timeHaving had my own personal experience with Astrid at Three getting onto a pedal bike and riding off unassisted for the first time made me really understand how powerfull the product is. After watching and assisting many other children do exactly the same sent a very strong message as to why STRIDER Bikes are the highest rated and most popular balance bikes worldwide.

Something for every parent to remember. Anything is possible if you put your best foot forward and stride to achieve. Posibilities become reality through opportunities afforded to our children.

Feel free to contact us at any time for further information, assistance, or should you just like to chat. 

To all of you, from all of us at X-Stream Balance Thank YOU for enjoying this journey with us.
Happy Riding, Racing, BMX'in, Cycling, Motocross'in and Striding!

Chris Van Der Merwe
Chief Enthusiast

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